How Content Marketing Impacts Purchase Decisions, Brand Affinity, and Trust.

According to survey data from Conductor, if the customer’s journey down the sales funnel begins with educational content, they are 131% more likely to buy.

When participants in the study were asked to choose between 4 different brands to buy from, 83.6% chose the brand that offered educational content.

After being surveyed a week later, 48% of participants chose the brand that published educational content.

In addition, a week out from reading the content, the number of participants who identified the brand as trustworthy rose from 64% to 73%.

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There was also an increase in the number of participants who rated their experience with the brand as positive – from 66% to 74%.

“Publishers are not permitted to encourage users to click on Google ads in any way. This includes implementing the ads in a way that they might be mistaken for other site content, such as a menu, navigation, or download links.”

Conductor goes on to point out that educational content creates a lasting impact, compared to other marketing efforts which tend to fade away as soon as a brand moves on to something else.

To learn more, the full research report can be downloaded here.


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