How to Balance Free & Premium Content With SEO.

For a number of years, websites that keep their primary (main) content behind paywalls have had mixed results with organic search. A lot of SEOs and business owners, however, forget that Google isn’t just about keywords, backlinks, and technical structure; it’s about providing a gratifying search experience for the user. There have been case studies... Continue Reading →


How to Convert Website Visitors into Subscribers.

Getting 100,000 visits to your website can feel awesome. But if your conversion rate is low, all that traffic won’t do you much good. That’s why it’s absolutely critical to focus on converting your traffic into subscribers. So how do you do it? Here are seven ways to convert website visitors into subscribers. 1. Create... Continue Reading →

Bing Ads Introduces In-line Competitive Metrics.

Bing Ads has introduced a new way to measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns. Advertisers can now add competitive metrics, also known as “share of voice” metrics, to in-line performance views. Competitive metrics will compare how your campaigns are performing versus competitors. You can get started using competitive metrics by logging into Bing Ads and navigating to... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Ryker Technologies

Ryker Technologies is an online technical support services and web development company that deals with issues related to Printer Support, Antivirus Support, Web Design & Development and many more with the assistance of our team of professionals. Through their years of experience they provide instant services within the time limit.  

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